The Simple Truth Healing

Are you happy?

If your answer is a resounding: “Yes!” – I am very pleased to hear it.

If your answer is: “Yes, but…” I am pleased you are here to find out that it’s possible to be happy without the “but”.

If your answer is: “No” – then I am just as pleased you are here, that is, if you really want happiness.


“The Simple Truth” is the result of years of work and study, looking for answers in my quest to understand “how things really work”.

I have learned much through studying and working with the theories of Quantum Physics and   the perception that miracles can and do take place; all we need to do is understand what is obstructing the connection between life and miracles, and how we can make miracles happen.

No matter what causes pain in our lives – when we understand how things work, when we understand Quantum healing, we can cure that area; we can release the pain through a short, intensive, specifically focused process which brings about significant changes in our lives.


The technique of “The Simple Truth”:

“The Simple Truth” is based on the indisputable fact that we are created perfect; we have everything we need in order for us to be happy, healthy, content and fulfilled.

Why is it then, that we don’t always feel that way?

We are imprinted with ideas, beliefs, behavior patterns, impressions during our lives – (it doesn’t matter what we call them) that prevent this knowledge from being expressed to the full.

The essence of “The Simple Truth” technique is the release of all the thoughts that are blocking the expression of this profound knowledge and the reminder that we have this knowledge and know how to use it to our advantage.  By pressing “energetic buttons” while prompting the memory, we enable the release of this unnecessary, interfering, acquired information and simultaneously enable healing to take place.

I acquired this knowledge due to my own personal suffering. I lived in pain in almost all areas of my life: my body, my relationships, my finances, my work; lacking fulfillment…I blamed whoever and whatever I could for my pain and my financial situation including my ex husband and my living conditions. But I realized that I couldn’t carry on in this manner and I began searching for a solution to the pain in wide variety of places. As a result, I achieved both my own healing and the realization that I want to make this available to whoever wishes to get rid of their pain.

  “Healing” refers to all areas of life – the physical, emotional and financial, it refers to relationships and personal fulfillment and all other areas. It can, in fact, change us and empower our ability to create our desired reality.

 What I offer – Treatment and Support:

SOS treatment in acute situations:  for immediate relief of physical pain, stressful situations, anxiety or emotional fragility (also by remote energy Quantum healing).

Energetic – Consciousness Therapy: in the clinic or by remote energy treatments for anxiety, tension, when we are “stuck” in any area of our lives (finances, relationships, spouse, self confidence, physical ailments etc.)

Personal treatment in a group – powerful, deep therapy for those who have already taken various workshops, treatment or courses, and who wish to deepen and strengthen their ability to create their reality.

My name is Nurit Zurgil – and I specialize in Energy Treatment and Creating Reality.

I am the originator and founder of “The Simple Truth” technique for healing and creating reality and am highly experienced in various therapeutic methods through touch (including Shiatsu, Rebalancing etc.), Evolution Coaching, Reiki and Theta Healing